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Excel Applications

Allocation Recap Report
I created this dynamically updated, based on the user's department, recap report, which allows planners, managers and directors a quick summary of relevant allocation information to bring to Monday morning business meetings. The report shows actualized pick information by department or class for last week, month to date, quarter to date, and year to date, inventory position by season code or flow date, allocation and stocking forecasts for current and future weeks.

Automated Inventory Position Report
Comprehensive inventory and allocation tool that pulls in inventory, sales, pricing, store location, pick actuals. The combination of all the metrics allows the analysts to spot inventory problems and ensure stores have enough inventory in the appropriate programs. This is utilized by Europe and Japan inventory management teams.

Global Assortment Change Log
Created and own this tool for the new Global Assortment environment to capture and compare changes in the assortment from one time period to another. This is used by both US and international merchant and inventory management teams to assess changes in a planning season.

Basic Buyplanner
Added enhancements and automation to an existing buyplanning tool. The enhancements allow for automated importation of relevant files, setting of unit sales forecasts based on last year actuals or plans and the creation of custom rollups. This tool is utilized by Canada, Europe and Japan markets.

Receipt Reconciliation Tool
This tool was created for Old Navy Canada to assist in reconciling actual receipts versus ordered quantities by month for the entire year. Creating and setting up the tool was done monthly and took about one hour to complete. With the new tool, this time was reduced to less than five minutes.

Web Applications

Tweet Analyzer

Developed this tweet analysis application to analyze a tweet and return results such as, sentiment level, hashtag recommendation and major concepts. Performed pull requests to control application merges and tracked issues with GitHub.

tweet analyzer


Created the application to assist with generating project ideas. Throughout the Thinkful course I was required to come up with new project ideas and it proved somewhat difficult to constantly think of novel ideas. This application, Ideatron, randomly generates application ideas based on how many services a user would like to use.


Trip Weather

Get historical weather information to help with what to pack for your upcoming trip.

trip weather

Word Scrabmle

A simple word scramble game that generates random words using the OpenDoor API.

word scramble

Project Euler

My JavaScript solutions for Project Euler, a series of mathematical/computer programming problems.

project euler